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Is it a control thing? ................ Parables 341

October 27, 1992

Ever notice how much easier dreams are than doing? For instance, in making decisions? Compare window shopping to actually going out and buying something. Every time I don’t have money or any intentions of spending what I do have, there are so many nice things in all the store windows. But when it comes to actually buying something, it is much more difficult to find what I want — in the same windows, in the same stores. Maybe it is because the money to be spent now is real money, not the stuff of dreams.

Dream decisions are easier, but so are dream conversations. In my imagination, I can say all the right words to that person I need to apologize to or to the class I want to teach. When it comes time to actually do it, my tongue gets tangled somewhere down around my beating heart and out comes strained stutters and ill-formed sentences.

Dream accomplishments are perhaps the easiest of all. In them, I control all factors including the plot, sub-plot, cast of characters, and every action committed and word said. Doing anything in my imagination is a snap, but when it comes to the real thing, the results are not quite the same.

Because of the gap between dreams and doing, life can be disappointing. Even though some dreamers find that some dreams do come true now and then, most of us know how frustration and failure can so easily shut down our vision. However, if we can bring God into the picture, things just might become very exciting. Think of it. God who sovereignly controls the universe becoming involved in making our dreams come true? Is that possible?

The people I know who have experienced it first had to know for certain that God Himself is not a dream, not a figment of the human imagination. If He is not real, there is no one but ourselves to make those dreams come true. However, Hebrews 11:6 says those who come to God MUST believe that He exists and that He REWARDS all those who seek Him. He is real and He does reward us for believing in Him. Thus, the Bible also describes the reality of living in faith. Genuine faith is not a hope-so, imaginary thing. Those who have it also have tangible peace, real changes in their lives and obvious answers to prayer.

Secondly, because God is able to do anything and make anything happen, and because He loves us and wants the best for us, He invites His children to draw near to Him. He says we can even call Him “daddy” as well as Lord, and invites us to bring our dreams along, explaining to Him the desires of our heart. When Jesus promised abundant life, He wanted us to know we do not have to continue in the narrow confines of “no one ever did that before” or “I can’t.” He wants us to experience a life so remarkable that it can only be explained by faith and by the fact that He is very real.

Obviously, God does not make every dream come true; He knows better. Some of the things we dream about are entirely selfish and destructive, doing little or nothing to glorify God or genuinely benefit us. God knows if all our dreams came true, some would be the nightmare variety.

But to many dreams God gives the nod. One of mine was having opportunity to go to Bible school. For years, it seemed impossible but God moved us to Moose Jaw, within twenty minutes of the largest Christian college in Canada... and here I am, nearly ready to graduate.

So for even the most frustrated dreamers among us, we have a God who says, “I am able to do exceeding abundantly above all you can ask or think, according to My riches in Christ Jesus.” Notice He not only listens but is the One who is able to go one step farther  —  above whatever we can ask and above whatever it is we dream about.

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