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A ‘G’ Summer .............. Parables 285

September 18, 1991

Like an episode of Sesame Street, this past summer was hosted by the letter “G”. My husband and I set Goals for our lives and marriage, even reaching many of them because we experienced God’s Grace at work in our hearts. We became Grandparents again (naturally, it was a Girl). And I took on the challenges of learning Greek and Golf!

Those who know me well won’t be surprised about the Greek; academics are my bag. (G is “gamma” and it looks like a “y”). But seeing me packing a bag of a different sort, with irons, woods and tees in it, is a wonder. My children waver between disbelief and bewilderment. My husband, who always wanted to golf more and now has an excuse, is simply delighted, but he shakes his head and can’t figure this out. Why would his bookworm wife take up golf?

Maybe it was the notion that “multiple goals are fulfilling.” I read that somewhere and have always found it to be true, so I usually have several “irons in my fire” (only in this case, irons in my bag).

Maybe it was my mother’s example. All her life, she has had at least one “new” venture on the go, everything from photography to oil painting, raising quarter horses, quilting and invisible mending. Right now, at 75 years, she is taking organ lessons.

Maybe it is Psalm 37:4, which says: “Delight yourself in the LORD; and He will give you the desires of your heart.” My delight in the Lord has been growing. More and more I realize the wonders of what He has done for me, not only for eternity but bountiful blessings in my life right now. Consequently, as those blessings add more fuel to my delight, according to this psalm, He puts more desires in my heart. Could it be that one of them was to play golf?

What possible godly purpose could be served playing golf? Well, the first time out, Bob told me the biggest frustration about the game was that you could hit the ball well for a while, then, without any apparent reason, your whole game just falls apart. I responded, “Just like life, eh?” So, learning to respond to erratic results on the golf course could be good practice for the larger game.

Another reason is togetherness. We did many things with our children when they were small yet our own time-out was limited. Now the kids are adults and the two of us share few hobbies. This game is an opportunity to help each other develop a good swing and cheer for each other after making a long drive off the tee. Such mutual support carries over into the larger game too.

Thirdly, we are a twosome and golf clubs prefer foursomes. This can be an occasion to take our friends for a fun outing or meet new people. Chatting from one hole to the next or looking together for a ball lost in the rough is a wonderful way to get to know other folks.

Last but not least, golfing is a celebration of life. At least it can be when I lay aside my frustration and any consuming desire to get rid of that persistent hook or slice. God’s gifts of creation, one another’s company, physical exercise, fresh air and sunshine are all ours to enjoy. So seldom do most of us stop and take the time to do just that.

So with Greek and Golf and a new Grandchild, summer 1991 in Moose Jaw has had lots of “G’s. God even added a few more: Green Grass (from abundant rain here too!), Gales (those Saskatchewan winds kept the mosquitoes away) and Get-aways (to Germany and other places). I could go on but bear with me for just a few more.... God has also blessed us with Generous Grace, which makes us feel Great, Glad, even Giggly, and certainly Grateful!

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