Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Preparing for Change ................. Parables 216

(May 9, 1990)

In the past month, my husband’s favorite Bible verse: “A man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps,” again proved itself true.

Our plans included staying put. After moving all over the place and back to Fort Saskatchewan four times, we have become comfortable here, enjoying what we thought was goodbye to packing and relocating. However, my husband was offered a short term assignment a few weeks ago... so after praying for wisdom, we made a major decision. Soon we leave our home and most of its contents to live in furnished accommodations in another province for a couple of years.

Now that everything is coming together, I can tell the story with anticipation, however when the proposal first hit us, it was akin to being hit by a train. We didn’t like it. We didn’t want to go anywhere. I went through all five stages of grief in about two hours. Finally, after choosing to accept the opportunity, we found ourselves able to effectively weigh both the positives and the not-so-positives.

This spells a radical change in lifestyle. Up front, it attacks our comfort zone. My husband will take a position of responsibility that is not unlike his past experience -- but there are some significant differences. The location and the time frame will enable me to fulfill a 15 year dream -- going to Bible College, so I will be studying full-time. However we can come home at least every long weekend, and move back when the project is complete. The challenge of the thing is now exciting.

Major decisions certainly involve emotional upheaval. I can remember a far greater choice I had to make -- when I was confronted with the claims of Christ. Saying yes to Him also implied a change of direction, destination and lifestyle and, up front, all of those were a threat to my comfort zone.

However, after the decision was made, I was able to look more objectively at the positives and even the few not-so-positives. Saying yes to Christ meant I would enjoy freedom from guilt, peace with God, and a multitude of blessings promised to those who put their faith in Him. Certainly the greatest benefit of all was the change regarding my destination. From the point of that decision on, He promised assurance of eternal life with God, rather than separation from Him in everlasting judgment.

That was certainly no small decision either. As one person said, it is not a simple matter to turn your life over to the control of someone else. In fact, I could not have done it unless the Lord had revealed Himself to be loving in His motives, wise in His dealings, and totally reliable in His Sovereign authority. Once He is seen to be all of that, and more, the decision is much easier.

Regarding salvation, He opened my eyes to see Him as righteous in all that He does, so I could choose Christ, and joyfully settle into the new lifestyle He gives, anticipating the end result of that choice. Regarding our decision to relocate, we realize since we put our trust in Christ, He has never led us foolishly or with evil intent. Whatever the future holds, we can trust Him with it. He has proven Himself with our past.

As we put the emotion of the decision behind us and prepare for the changes that will come as a result of our choice, we think of all He has done to help us overcome the fear of the unknown and walk ahead with Him. We know that even should His plans change our plans, the way He wants us to go will be for His glory and our good. He will not fail to give us direction, strength and encouragement, even in moves and changes. Best of all, no matter what else happens, the ultimate outcome, eternity with Him, will remain secure.

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