Monday, July 7, 2014

Marking ballots can be frustrating ..................... Parables 140

For those who go the polls this month, placing the mark in the right spot may have been a frustrating experience. Some were unsure of party policies. Some did not know their candidate very well. Some complained that the ballots should include”none of the above” because the choices could be more desirable.

Ever wonder what it would be like if the political leaders cast the ballots? Suppose they decided no one could vote, Only a few would qualify to live in Canada, and all who did had to serve each other’s best interest?

Would the people then become the politicians, giving speeches and promises hoping to serve where they wanted? Suppose one party liked you and the other didn’t, creating much conflict for you? How would Canadians then respond to their leadership?

Did you know that it is something like that in the kingdom of God? His Dominion has no elections, no polling stations, no political campaigns. The majority does not rule. God rules. He alone calls the shots. Some may think the kingdom of God sounds like a dictatorship. However, once examined, even the best of human government pales beside His system. Here are some highlights:

1. There is only one leader or Lord, to whom every person gives allegiance and utter devotion, Jesus Christ. He rules in love, truth and perfect justice.

2. This Leader fully represents the people (He became one of us) yet fully represents absolute authority because He is fully God.

3. He rules sovereignly. Even though He invites His citizens to make their wishes known through prayer, none pull His strings. He grants privileges not rights. Nothing can be demanded, or taken by force, lobbying, or majority vote, yet all the blessings are free. No one goes without. All needs are met, fully and perfectly.

4. All citizens in the kingdom are commanded to live in harmony with each other in spite of the diversity of their views, abilities, personalities or circumstances. Since this is humanly impossible, the Lord gives them His own quality of life (eternal life) and with it, all of His transmutable characteristics, such as love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and self-control. Those who live according to His divine life within are blessed with peace and joy.

5. No one is forced to exercise their God-given abilities, but will face the natural consequences if they don’t. (Similar to running full tilt into a brick wall. He won’t stop you, but if you insist, you will hurt yourself!).

6. Those who disobey are never condemned because Jesus Christ Himself paid the full penalty of all offenses that have or will ever be committed. However, offenders are given attention with a view to correct them, This is because the Lord knows right living benefits His people.

7. This kingdom begins in the hearts of men and is entered by an act of faith, on earth. It is never exited. That is, it is an eternal kingdom. Its residents live here for awhile as ambassadors, then go to their eternal and real place of citizenship to live forever.

8. Not everyone who says”Lord, Lord” will enter this kingdom. Only those who do the will of God can be citizens. (How to do it is clearly stated in John’s gospel, chapter 6, verse 29).

9. The people, once in this kingdom, have no vote because they have placed their faith in the wisdom of the One who governs them. Their only vote is just a simple decision whether or not they will accept His invitation to enter. “Yes” or “No” to the Lordship of Jesus Christ always decides all the issues. In other words, you can’t vote this theocracy in, but you can vote yourself into this theocracy.

The Leader of this state welcomes all who come to Him in faith. Quite a difference from current politics, is it not?

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