Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Solid Foundation ....................... Parables 094

Approximately 3300 new homes were constructed in the Edmonton and surrounding area this past year. Most of them have a concrete foundation; some may have a preserved wood foundation; but certainly none of them were built on quicksand, mud, or rotten wood! Foundations are too important to use weak or unstable material. If we do, no matter how firm the structure is on top, it will come down when the foundation does... and this is as true for our life as it is for our homes.
What kind of foundation will you be building on this year?

Some people will structure their year upon how little or how much money they have in the bank, economics shaping their priorities and lifestyle. Some will plan around health; the state of their body will decide how they will live and what will be the most important choices.

Others will plan next year around a secular “this-life-is-all-there- is” philosophy; the foundation for “doing things because it feels good” or because it seems to be “easiest” or “the most comfortable” way to live. Most will not think about their relationship with God or how their foundations will affect eternity.

Christians need to be on guard against thinking the same way. God has promised more than just this life, therefore we ought to live accordingly. After all, our foundation does not change with the economy, the weather, or the state of our physical bodies.

Instead we build our lives on an unchanging person. Paul says, in I Corinthians 3, “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.” He is “the same yesterday, today and forever.” Christ is our foundation for what we believe. What we believe forms the foundation for how we live.

FAITH: At the foundation of everything we do is a supposition, a belief system. We think certain things, therefore we act in certain ways. The foundation for our thinking is Jesus Christ.

First He came “God in human flesh” and lived a sinless life among us performing miracles, healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead. Then He went to Calvary and died on the cross for our sin, paying the penalty we should have paid. He was buried, but on the third day rose from the dead and was seen alive by many witnesses. After that, He ascended into heaven and promised to come again and take all those who place their faith in Him to be with Him forever.

For this life, He offers Himself - as our wisdom, strength, and source of all we need. Who He is and what He has done forms a solid foundation for who we are and He is sufficient for all He wants us to do. But Paul also said “take heed how you build...” (1 Corinthians 3)

PRACTICE: Since He is our lasting and sure foundation, any thing we build in our lives must be built on that foundation . He explained it this way: “Abide in me... for without me, you can do nothing...” (John 15:4,5) Jesus also pointed out that abiding requires obedience (John 15:10) And in Matthew 7, He showed how obedience relates to having a solid foundation: “Anyone who hears these sayings of mine and DOES them is like a man who built his house upon a rock...” (Matthew 7)

The storms that come will not destroy that man’s house because of its strong foundation... neither will our lives be destroyed by the trials of life if they are constructed solidly upon obedience to Jesus Christ.

Psalm 11:3 asks “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Obviously, with no sure foundation, we would have no hope. But our foundation, Jesus Christ, is indestructible. Because He is who He is - He is always able to meet our needs, able to give us loving care, and able to direct us with wisdom and clarity. What more could anyone need for stability and strength against whatever may come in this year and beyond?

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