Friday, December 20, 2013

Sunday drivers ............................. Parables 056

Springtime seems to bring out that phenomena known as “the Sunday Driver.” My father uses those words to describe drivers who do not appear to know where they are going, or why, or even how to get there. They look at all the roadside “sights” and seem to be oblivious to the rest of the traffic. 

Actually, “Sunday drivers” seldom break any traffic laws. They get the most criticism for bringing out the worst in other drivers! 

The highway of life has its “Sunday drivers” too. Many people live just like they drive their cars. For instance:

NO SET DESTINATION: Some people have no plans and goals for life, no firm convictions about where they are going or why they are even on the road. So they drift through this life, thinking that whatever sights they see along the route are the only purpose for taking the trip.

NO PLAN OF TRAVEL: With no destination in mind, the “Sunday drivers” cannot possibly plan a route. Instead, decisions are made according to things like the bumps in the road, whims or moods, the weather, or the scenery. With no goal, and no plan to reach that goal, choices are made by the “eenie-meany” method, or by whatever looks good at the time.

NO PLAN CONCERNING THE STOPS TO MAKE ALONG THE WAY: “Sunday drivers” often think that whatever comes along is all there is to see or be involved in. Their needs are met in a hit and miss fashion, according to what is the most convenient. They often miss life’s best, either because they do not know it is there, or they do not purposely determine to include it in their plans. 

OBLIVIOUS TO OTHERS: “Sunday drivers” ignore fellow-travelers. They miss the help that the more experienced could give them and are oblivious to others who may need their help.

Is a Sunday Driving kind of life-style wrong? Some of us would do well to be more laid-back, but I think that this attitude is a serious spiritual condition. It describes a person that has no ideas about his own God-given purpose. There is no thought given to an eternal destination, nor how to get there. And since that has not been determined, it is impossible for eternity to have any effect on the way this life is lived.

Jesus said that there are the two possible destinations for us, with two possible roads. He said one is broad, and leads to destruction. The other is narrow, leading to eternal life... but there are few that find the narrow road. (Matt.7:13,14)

He also declared, “I am the way.... no man comes unto the Father but by me.” So, HE is that narrow road, the one that leads to eternal life.

Jesus also gave the guidelines for finding Him... we will find Him when we seek Him with our whole heart. Meandering aimlessly will not do it.

When we do find the road, then Christ urges us to “Love one another as I have loved you.” His love is sacrificial. It stops to help others find the way too. This love is also mutually shared with fellow-travelers as they encourage one another to stay headed in the right direction.

If “Sunday driving” has become a foundation for the rest of life, we can let the cross be the STOP sign. The One who died their changes the route, the destination, the travel plans, and the style of driving.

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