Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lost? ................................ Parables 052

Have you ever been lost? ... when all sense of direction eluded you, and you did not know how to go from where you were to where you wanted to be? ... and you had no idea where you were at? You kept telling yourself, “Don’t lose your head... you’ll be okay.” But the knots came in the pit of your stomach and panic threatened to overcome all your logic.

Frightening feeling isn’t it? A couple of years ago we made one wrong turn off a freeway in Los Angeles, and we didn’t have any idea what city we were in, or what way to go. Happily, we could stop and ask someone, or look at the street signs and compare them to our map. 

Being lost outdoors in the wilderness on a hunting or hiking trip where there are no people to ask, is even more frightening. After a while the trees and rocks all look the same. Our pounding hearts wonder, “Am I alone in this, or is anyone looking for me?” 

Children often get lost, without even knowing it. They wander away from their parents, oblivious to the separation, and drift to the toy department, after the puppy on the beach, or whatever. Taken up with what grabbed their interest, they are unaware that mom and dad are even looking for them, at least until they are found.

Spiritually, there is the condition of being lost. The Bible says that “We like sheep have all gone astray, everyone has turned to his own way...”

All have wandered from the Father. We were born that way, adrift from His will, not interested in walking with Him, and are therefore excluded from the heavenly home that He desires to share with us for eternity.

Like the physically lost, some may know their condition. Perhaps there is panic inside, and an effort to convince themselves that “I’ll be okay.” Yet deep inside, the questions nag, “Am I alone? Does anyone care?”

Others are not aware that they are lost from God. They are so caught up in the “toy departments” of life that their separation from Him goes unnoticed. Aware or not, God’s Word confirms that the lost cannot, and will not, find their way to Him by themselves.

Thankfully, He is not oblivious to our condition. He knows where we are, even before we know ourselves, and He knows we need His help to get out of the “wilderness.” So He sent Jesus Christ “to seek and to save those who are lost”, and to declare “I am the way... no man comes to the Father but through me.” His Son is the rescuer - as well as the way home.

If you have ever been physically lost, you know what joy you had when you were at last safe. The fears and questions were over, and you relaxed in the comfort of being home.

The spiritually lost are also invited to experience peace and joy - by the Lord of the lost sheep, Jesus Christ, as He reaches out to find us and show us that He is the Way to the Father. Eventually He will lead those who take hold of Him in faith to their heavenly home, where there will be no more questions and no more fears.

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